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New game from Retro Drive studio.

Play levels that bring you back to an 80s inspired future, with a highly popularised retro aesthetic. Complimented by an electric Synthwave soundtrack featuring some of the hottest and most popular retro-wave artists in the world! Learn the story about a college kid who always seems to get left behind.

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Key Features

Version 1.0 (01.05.2020)

  • Playable levels

  • Authentic bespoke retrowave soundtrack

  • Customisable cars

  • 80s inspired story

  • Collect star ratings from each level

  • Obtain points to purchase new cars and skins.

  • Unique story

  • playable soundtrack via jukebox


Game Screens


“Retro Drive is a neon-soaked arcade racer with a killer synthwave soundtrack” 


Press Review